Web Translation vs Search Engine

Google translator is one of the most useful tool for those who study foreign languages, especially for beginners. 

If you would like to know the meaning of only single word, Google itself or Wikipedia could be more convenient because the information on Internet covers various of meaning and usage for a word. But how about multiple words?

Google or other search function would not be useful for studying some phrase consisted from multiple words. Of course, the meaning of very famous phrase would be shown up in higher rank but most of those we try to search are some minor words or phrase we are not so familiar with. In this case, we have to use the translation service rather than Search Engine.

Why it is so is Google provides listing add service. It interferes studying foreign languages from search engine. If you include some big word in your phrase, the result sometimes shows no related page of the other purpose of yours.

For this example, try to type “learn english” in the box of Google search engine. It would be difficult to discover the pure meaning.

The big word which makes potential profit for some business is always shown in higher rank at the search engine because companies tend to buy this kind of keyword.

Why I chose the title of “Catch Questions” in my website is partially based on this reason. As you know, it sounds to make no profit. Actually it had not much rival as Web site.

Anyway, if you would like to search some phrase which includes some big word, I would recommend for you to use translation service such as Google translation, not Google itself.

Google translation function for phrase or sentence has been improved more than ever. But be careful. It does not work well yet for multiple sentences, especially for English to Japanese translation. It is still developing.


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