Draft note with voice writing

Draft note with voice writing

If you have some smart phone like iPhone, you may find it has voice writing tool. Have you ever tried to use it?

It was thought to be difficult to use at least several years ago and I actually thought so. I remember the first time the app of voice writing was released on iPhone APP store. It was about 10 years ago at the version of iPhone 3G. I am kind of gadget mania so I was very excited about it.

Even though it was so exciting, I found it just a play tool and did not continue to use it as a daily utility. Typing was much easier than it. After Apple officially attach the function into keyboard, I never used it until now. The first experience which remind me of the difficulty for writing prevented me from using it.

But after the long time, came the chance for me to use the tool again. I forgot to bring my PC on business trip while I wanted to create some document. It was a kind of hard work to write on iPad without keyboard.  So, I came up the idea of writing with voice. And, the wind mostly changed. The function was improved so much. 

First of all, the speed to convert voice to letters was amazing compared with the first experience. It was one of the main factors that irritated me. And second improvement that surprised me is auto correcting with some phrase. As far as I saw the function, it seems that the words from voice were determined by convention of words. This means the more you speak, the more correctly it types. In addition for third interesting part, “period”, “comma” and “new line” can also be controlled by voice.

Though it still lacks the accuracy for writing, I would admit it is useful for creating of a draft for some document like this blog I am now writing for example. For blog usability, it requires the speed to keep the idea. The voice writing may be better than hand-writing or typing on PC. This can be a kind of new style.


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