Mac track gold pad with god fingers | Useful Gestures

I recently have found how easy and smart the track pad of mac is. To be honest, I used to be Windows user using cheap PC so I did not expect its function so much because of the stereotype. I thought in the end,  was mouse necessary to manipulate PC? 

However,  the point of view was definitely changed after I began to use the track pad of mac. The cursor moves smoothly with my fingers on track pad. The fast movement move the cursor to the far position while it goes to the detailed position with the slow movement.

In addition, I am so surprised how various of finger gestures it has. My favorite gestures are “back” and “go” on web browser by dragging right and left with two fingers. These gestures are also effective on Xcode which is the developer tool to create iPhone APP on Xcode, 

It is so convenient that I have come up with the idea that “back” and “go” can be available in text area of my iPhone app. So, please try it. “Undo” and “Redo” of text can be available on iPhone APP Catch Questions.

Anyway, I also found the gesture with three fingers was useful. You can switch the screens whenever you want. If you like to see some windows at the maximum size, don’t forget this function. It goes well with the full screen.

One weak point of mac track pad is what is called “right click” of Windows PC. You can do this by clicking with two fingers on mac track pad. But, it sometimes reacts as “left click”. It may be irritating after you select important part. To ensure the click, “control” + click may be one of the solution. For me, I changed it to “the click of lower right corner” instead of “the click with two fingers” from system preference - track pad.


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