iPhone speaks foreign languages on your overseas trip without internet | iPhone APP Catch Questions

Recently, Siri or Google translator can speak foreign languages fluently for you. This is very convenient especially if you go overseas trip. But, one problem is that it needs internet connection. It is very difficult to translate what you say or write into different language within the small device of iPhone. To solve this, iPhone transfers your information to the smart server through internet and works with the translated information.

However, think about it. Does Wifi area covers the location where you would like to speak foreign language? Even if it is yes, it is a little anxious about connecting to unfamiliar wifi in the foreign country. Of course, You can also use some dictionary APP which have the voice player without internet. But, most of them can play the sound for only one single word, not sentence. It hardly reflects what you want to say.

So now, iPhone APP Catch Questions is for you.

Have a look at the following video;

All you have to do is to prepare the translated sentences which are frequently used on trip beforehand and just push the button of “Text Speech”!

This app speaks 8 languages of English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Korean and Spanish. It works without internet so you can ask anyone even if you are on air plane.

Try this iPhone free APP if you like!


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