Mac track gold pad with god fingers | Useful Gestures

I recently have found how easy and smart the track pad of mac is. To be honest, I used to be Windows user using cheap PC so I did not expect its function so much because of the stereotype. I thought in the end,  was mouse necessary to manipulate PC?  However,  the point of view was definitely changed after I began to use the track pad of mac. The cursor moves smoothly with my fingers on track pad. The fast movement move the cursor to the far position while it goes to the detailed position with the slow movement. In addition, I am so surprised how various of finger gestures it has. My favorite gestures are “back” and “go” on web browser by dragging right and left with two fingers. These gestures are also effective on Xcode which is the developer tool to create iPhone APP on Xcode,  It is so convenient that I have come up with the idea that “back” and “go” can be available in text area of my iPhone app. So, please try it. “Undo” and “Redo” of text can be available on iPhone

iPhone speaks foreign languages on your overseas trip without internet | iPhone APP Catch Questions

Recently, Siri or Google translator can speak foreign languages fluently for you. This is very convenient especially if you go overseas trip. But, one problem is that it needs internet connection. It is very difficult to translate what you say or write into different language within the small device of iPhone. To solve this, iPhone transfers your information to the smart server through internet and works with the translated information. However, think about it. Does Wifi area covers the location where you would like to speak foreign language? Even if it is yes, it is a little anxious about connecting to unfamiliar wifi in the foreign country. Of course, You can also use some dictionary APP which have the voice player without internet. But, most of them can play the sound for only one single word, not sentence. It hardly reflects what you want to say. So now, iPhone APP Catch Questions is for you. Have a look at the following video; All you have to do is to prepare

Japanese emoticon | the Galapagos phone

As the previous blog, I wrote about Japanese language’s feature. The letters, especially Kanji shape visual image, like picture. In this respect, Japanese people follow some sentence with its image in their mind whenever they read some article. It may sounds very convenient but it could easily mislead others by words. This may be because Japanese language itself is vague as pictures looks differently for people. So, it was their hope that the sentence include some visual and exact objects for better communication. Before iPhone came to Japan, there were unique cell phone culture in Japan. It was so strange that the culture is now often said Galapagos phone, the unique phone. One of the most strange feature was its texting style. When compared with the US one, any cell phone in Japan had various of emoticon at that time. Whether the cell phone sold better or not depended what kind of emoticon the cell phone had. There were several phone companies in Japan which are now

Position of Japanese verb

As I create language training iPhone APP , I sometimes realize the difference between Japanese and foreign language. One of the most unique features in Japanese is that verb has to be located at the last part of sentence. In addition, negative word such as “not” is integrated in Japanese verb so we cannot determine which sentence is affirmative or negative until we listen to the full sentence. This language feature sometimes reflects the personality of Japanese people. We tend to show important and precious things at the end. So, we easily add our intention and let others to keep it after the conversation conversation is finished. The later you hear, the newer things you hold. So, you will not forget as the last one as first. However, it has also some bad aspect. We Japanese can easily change the point of what we say while talking. The important point can be intentionally hidden if necessary while checking the reaction of listener because we can say anything before reachin

The value of expression | learn speaking

People decide the personality of the man whom they meet at first mostly by his expression. 70% of first impression is determined in a few minutes after they meet. So, facial expression is worth a thousand words. Please remember it especially for your job interview. Nevertheless, Japanese people are not good at expressing. They rarely use body language as well. This may be related to the background of historical culture. Too much expressions are sometimes thought to be rude in the soul of samurai especially for men. They always had to stay cool in any situation. And, to reduce the inefficient movement, their fighting skill could also be improved. On the other hand for Japanese women, they tended to think to stay modest was quality of beauty or noble. They had to follow their husband for anything. This kind of thinking continued until the end of world war two since that foreign culture had installed into Japan so much. After that time, samurai or modest women spirit apparently d

Voice input for checking your pronunciation | iPhone APP

To learn foreign languages, one of the hardest work could be pronunciation especially if you would like to study it by yourself. You can go some language school to improve your pronunciation though most of teachers tend to allow your strange pronunciation as long as it can be understood. But, it costs a lot anyway. On the other hand, how about making some foreign friends? It’s for free. If your girl or boy friend could be your family through marriage, it would be the best option. The daily conversation definitely improve your speaking skill. However, this is very rare chance for ordinary people. In addition, you have to study speaking a lot before making friends, much more marriage. This is kind of a “chicken and egg” problem. So, I would like to introduce the cheep and easy way to study your pronunciation. It is the voice input on some smart phone like iPhone. For example for iPhone, you can add the foreign keyboard from the general setting. iPhone covers a lot of languag

Draft note with voice writing

Draft note with voice writing If you have some smart phone like iPhone, you may find it has voice writing tool. Have you ever tried to use it? It was thought to be difficult to use at least several years ago and I actually thought so. I remember the first time the app of voice writing was released on iPhone APP store. It was about 10 years ago at the version of iPhone 3G. I am kind of gadget mania so I was very excited about it. Even though it was so exciting, I found it just a play tool and did not continue to use it as a daily utility. Typing was much easier than it. After Apple officially attach the function into keyboard, I never used it until now. The first experience which remind me of the difficulty for writing prevented me from using it. But after the long time, came the chance for me to use the tool again. I forgot to bring my PC on business trip while I wanted to create some document. It was a kind of hard work to write on iPad without keyboard.  So, I came u