Voice input for checking your pronunciation | iPhone APP

To learn foreign languages, one of the hardest work could be pronunciation especially if you would like to study it by yourself.

You can go some language school to improve your pronunciation though most of teachers tend to allow your strange pronunciation as long as it can be understood. But, it costs a lot anyway.

On the other hand, how about making some foreign friends? It’s for free. If your girl or boy friend could be your family through marriage, it would be the best option. The daily conversation definitely improve your speaking skill. However, this is very rare chance for ordinary people. In addition, you have to study speaking a lot before making friends, much more marriage. This is kind of a “chicken and egg” problem.

So, I would like to introduce the cheep and easy way to study your pronunciation. It is the voice input on some smart phone like iPhone. For example for iPhone, you can add the foreign keyboard from the general setting. iPhone covers a lot of languages so you can learn any language with this voice input function. It reflects exactly what you say even in foreign language.

For anyone in any country, there is a week point for some particular pronunciation. In case of Japanese, they have difficulty to distinguish the pronunciation of “L” and “R” in English because don’t care about the difference in Japanese. So, if you would like to collect some phrase against your weak point, it would also be recommended that your training should be done on some sorting APP.

Thus, I would like to recommend my note sorting APP of Catch Questions !

Not only you can study it on iPhone but also can collect your phrase list.

Have fun !


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