The value of expression | learn speaking

People decide the personality of the man whom they meet at first mostly by his expression. 70% of first impression is determined in a few minutes after they meet. So, facial expression is worth a thousand words. Please remember it especially for your job interview.

Nevertheless, Japanese people are not good at expressing. They rarely use body language as well. This may be related to the background of historical culture. Too much expressions are sometimes thought to be rude in the soul of samurai especially for men. They always had to stay cool in any situation. And, to reduce the inefficient movement, their fighting skill could also be improved.

On the other hand for Japanese women, they tended to think to stay modest was quality of beauty or noble. They had to follow their husband for anything. This kind of thinking continued until the end of world war two since that foreign culture had installed into Japan so much. After that time, samurai or modest women spirit apparently disappeared.

But, as far as I see for now, their thinking still exists somehow. This may be related to the ancestors manner partially but I think the other factor is actually working. The thing is Japanese language itself.

Japanese people tended not to tell everything to explain the situation. They used a few words for the daily conversation. Please consider it. How could the life be managed by these silent samurai and modest wife? The only way had to be the improvement of communication tool between them. Some of Japanese language are abridged well. Many of meanings can be contained in a few words. We don’t need subject or preposition for a few conversation. So, the language may have developed too much.

Like PC or smartphone, too convenient communication tool sometimes could be harmful for natural conversation skill including facial expression. How about some IT Geek around you?

Various words and phrase which show accurate situation or intention can be actually useful but could reduce unnecessary expression from your face or body. So, I think Japanese people may have to review the value of other factors such as visual content than language itself when they try to study foreign language.

I developed conversation training APP on iPhone why I insist on the style of visual speaking is based on this reason above.