Is there any hotter language than English?

There are tons of languages all over the world. But which language is the newest? I think it may be difficult to determine which is newer about languages. One of the reason is languages are developing all the time as far as people use them. Even the trend of word or phrase people like to use changes year by year. So, the determination of new or old could be meaningless about languages. Only the meter to evaluate languages are how frequently the language is being used now.

In this respect, English would be the one which is hottest now. But I think, there is one language which may defeat English. Yes, the language is now being use to show my blog on internet unconsciously. The language is a computer language.

One of the reason is that the technology of artificial intelligence is quickly be developing recently. It may not be hot among people so much for future but will definitely be among AI.

Then, human beings do not have to learn the language? The answer I think so far is it depends. If you can admit the possibility (or some risk I should say) that AI takes over your work or job, you would not have to learn it; otherwise I recommend you to learn it to some extent.

The more you learn computer language, the more you know the weak point of computer. So, as human beings, we can focus to learn the skill which will not be acquired by computer for future. This means you can continue to stand on computers by using them to avoid the risk the computer could replace your job or position.

It is not necessary to learn it perfectly but it is worth learning a bit.


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